On Becoming Super Mom



“Mommy, time to wake up! It’s time to get stronger!”

I roll over and check my resting heart rate. 37 BPM.   My beautiful, ornery, energetic, charismatic, dynamo of a 4-year-old daughter sees morning as the time to rejoice. Mom, we are going to get stronger. Mom, it’s time to become more. Mommy, I know you can do it…I know we can do it.

My four children are my greatest cheerleaders, my all time PR’s, and my entire heart. I get asked how I can stand to spend so many hours training, away from my favorite little people. I’ve been told I should feel guilty, abusive, that my efforts to better myself are fruitless, that I will never become more then just a Mom.

I disagree.

Just like Mom…



My children are happy, healthy, and see a life with obstacles but with very few true limits. My ultra running husband and I do spend countless hours running and training. We incorporate our children into as many aspects of our journey as possible. Travel, exercise, love of nature, persistence…ultra running is not just a sport; ultra running it is a way of life.   Growth is not always pretty. There are a lot of early wake-ups, late night workouts alone on the roads or in garage. I beat myself up pretty bad at times. My kids have seen me both wrecked and brilliant.   My children have seen me dedicate myself to becoming something bigger. They see me get up and work toward a goal every day. Better yet, they have started to expect and anticipate that work as joy. They have assumed the ultra mindset.   Becoming a super hero to my children doesn’t require that I be the best, it only requires that I teach them how to be their best.

“Mommy, time to wake up!” It’s time to get stronger!”

Yes little one, it is time. Let’s get to it!


Quinn winning his age group and placing 6th overall in a 5K at age 8.
Quinn contemplates the race ahead. He went on to place 2nd overall.

-The Phoenix

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  1. You are such an inspiration for me! I didn’t know you had a blog, I’m so happy I stumbled upon it. My husband runs ultras, does Spartan races, and I finally caught the running bug after doing my first Spartan and not being able to keep up. I hope to someday run ultras along side my husband, it is something I honestly dream about. Thank you for kicking ass and inspiring me!

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